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Lease Optimization Solution

For Property Management

Our solution uses advanced algorithms and statistical modeling to forecast demand at the unit type level and condition of the property, resulting in optimal pricing. This service gives developers, owners and property management companies a detailed view of potential improvements to generate better performance in lease options.

Asset Management Solution

For Property Management

Our solution organizes maintenance projects in the field and obtains residents more satisfied, also put owners/managers in complete charge of optimizing the entire maintenance process. Track and monitor performance on portfolios thus they know where improvements may be needed, cutting costs and increasing response times.

Portfolio And Investment Solution

For Real Estate Investment and Financial Consulting

Our solution can manage a capital plan and valuation parameters to calculate the impact that a potential transaction would have on the existing portfolio from returns perspective. Our solution includes market research of real estate opportunities and forecast projections of rental market. Designed to offer a flexible business intelligence advice that enables owners and developers to effectively explore opportunities to make profitable investments and more knowledgeable decisions.

Efficient and Reliable Services

Advisory Meetings

Industry experts who review KPIs in collaboration with on-site and regional operations management.

Business Intelligence Analysis

Delivery reports to track primary drivers of portfolio performance and multi-dimensional benchmarking.


Clients will be able to begin leveraging specific data trends to improve unit pricing across the portfolio, and run comprehensive forecasts investment analytics.

The entire process was simple and fast. They were extremely professional, and took the time to listen to what we need. They have provided us a great assessment on the value of our units and how to improve our revenue.

Witz RE
Witz REMichael Clebant - Property Manager
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